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Discover our brand new website! Go to the ‘Booking’ tab to schedule your next experience at our center in Brossard, or to’Our Machines’ and ‘Our Games’ to learn more about our exclusive equipment throughout North America and our games available. On’Info’ you will find the answer to the vast majority of your questions and if you ever miss an answer it will be our pleasure to help you by contacting us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Finally, if you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, the “Franchise” tab has been created especially for you!



Have you ever watched a movie where the characters flew into another dimension or reality and wished you could do the same? After all this time you’ve been waiting, we are delighted to announce we can finally make you travel into the future just the same way! It may not be in a flying car nor a spaceship, but with the latest virtual reality technology and equipment. Here at VRcade Brossard you have the chance to fully immerse yourself in over X different worlds on our HTC Vive, 9DVR Cinema, VR Racing car, Magic Sea, Magic Balls and Archery Talent machines as long as you love to. We have a broad range of equipment for unforgettable experiences and stories to share. It’s been designed for the entire family; keeping a smile on children’s face for hours while simultaneously keeping them active and at the same time courageous mature players may very well get the chills of a lifetime trying The Brookhaven Experiment, a horror shooter survival game. Whether you are a single player gamer or you prefer playing with friends, a strategic thinker or a sports enthusiast, we have everything required to create some of your wildest memories. If you’re bored of the same old movies you’ve watched numerous times and want a new experience on the weekends, want an opportunity to bond with your family, or look for a unique and original date night with your lover, wait no longer and immediately book your next adventure at VRcade Brossard today.